Survivor Ghost Island : Lie Wisely & Don’t Get To Suspicious

After attending first tribal, i think this season would be great cause there are a lot of survivor fans who involved in this. About the theme itself, featuring bad decision from past castaway would be promising. So far we’ve seen one idol which was belong to Andrea Boehlke from Caramoan and also one legacy advantage which was belong to Sierra Dawn-Thomas from Game Changers that could be played in the future. Perharps the castaways who found them can reverse the curse or they will be falling down because of it.

Another Fake Idol

These bunch of survivor fans really cool, previously we saw Domenick create fake idol for trying to fix the drama between Chris and him. Then, Jacob also doing the same approach to hide the story behind the ghost island should be and kept the legacy advantage only to himself. When he got back to Malolo Camp, Jacob told to his tribemates about Ghost Island. What it looks like? then also he found an idol which was actually the fake one and Brendan felt too suspicious about it when Jacob told him that he left the paper behind in there.

Don’t Play Too Hard, Early In The Game

At the challenge, James couldn’t dive into the water so it caused Malolo falling behind Naviti. Then Donathan who actually panicked about that, he willing to dive down after got push by his tribemates and then releasing the ball for his tribe. After that James felt responsible for his tribe’s defeat and it made a target to his back. Other than that, Jacob still the number one target for Malolo. With (fake) idol which was shown before, splitting the vote between him and James was the safest option. Seeing this situation, Stephanie’s looking for another option by talking strategy to Jacob perharp she could flip and blindside Michael. Then Jacob told her about his legacy advantage which he gave to Morgan. This kind of information was the most crucial to gain trust of somebody. Jacob had done this. hoping that he and Stephanie could make an alliance and sent home the bigger player. But if you really didn’t feel safe about your position, you need to find the real idol as soon as possible. At tribal council, Malolo sticked to their initial plan in case Jacob had the real idol so they could send James home after what he did in previous challenge. By splitting the vote into 5-2-1 then sending Jacob’s journey came to the end.

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