Survivor Ghost Island : Be The First Speaker and You Out

After having 35 seasons, not a few of the castaways have done a lot of mistakes that can caused them voted out from their tribe. it’s not only happen to new players but also for returnee, some of them just only repeat their bad decision over and over. This mistakes can haunt them forever, cause it’s worth for 1 million dollars. Then, the theme for 36th season called Survivor Ghost Island, it will feature 20 new players that will be divided into two tribes. Also this season will have artifacts, misplayed advantages/idols from previous seasons. They will have the opportunity to acquire these advantages and learning from castaway mistakes so they can reverse the curse (if it really is).

Malolo Tribe
Naviti Tribe

First Thing First

The castaways are divided into Malolo Tribe with orange buff & Naviti Tribe with purple buff. Brendan, Donathan, Jacob, James, Jenna, Laurel, Libby, Michael, Gonzalez, Stepanie are in Malolo tribe and Angela, Bradley, Chelsea, Chris, Desiree, Domenick, Kellyn, Morgan, Sebastian, Wendell are in Naviti Tribe. As the first twist of the season, they had to choose a leader of their tribe to compete in first reward challenge. Malolo tribe choose Brendan and Naviti choose Chris (or he choose himself?), then they had to choose two members to represent brawn & brain of their tribe to do the challenge. Brendan pick Michael and Laurel, and Chris pick Sebastian and Desiree to represent their tribe. The rule is simple if you win, you’ll get the rice and fishing gear. but they can surrender before the hourglass are running out if they don’t think they can win. So they also get fishing gear plus the winning team will get extra egg for their tribe.

First Relic Found

In the last minute, Chris decide to give up and give all the rewards to Malolo Tribe. Because of Chris’s decision, Domenick confess to his tribe that he didn’t like about it. Then this disagreement will continue to the camp. After helping the tribe to build the shelter, Domenick accidentally find the first idol relic and it was belong to Andrea Boehlke from Survivor Caramoan that she have when she get blindsided by her alliance. It made her being the first female castaway that voted out with an idol in her pocket. Then, Domenick made the fake one and showed it to Chris to gain trust. But Chris didn’t buy it and wanna eliminate him as a threat.

Ghost Island is Real

At the immunity challenge, Malolo found difficulties through the puzzle after Gonzalez yelled to Donathan and made them lose to Naviti. So they need to attend the tribal council and vote one of them out. But before they get back to their camp, Jeff probst told the main twist that called Ghost Island. Winning tribe can send one of the losing tribe to Ghost Island and save from tribal council, but everybody still didn’t what the island looks like. Naviti choose to send Jacob to Ghost Island after he gave positive vibe after losing the challengeĀ but apparently it was a set up so he would be chosen. Arriving in Ghost Island, Jacob got a chance to play for an advantage but if he lost, he can lost his vote at the next tribal and it turns out that he got it. It was Sierra DT’s legacy advantage from Game Changer which she told to Sarah Lacina when she’s trying to make deal to her. She’d be willing to gave the advantage to Sarah if she’d be voted out. Then Sarah used this information to get the advantage and sealed Sierra’s faith to be ended afterwards. Unfortunately to regain its power, Jacob need to share the advantage to Naviti member so they could create secret alliance later and he gave it to Morgan.

First Booted

It always hard to vote the first one out from a tribe when they called themself as “the best tribe ever“. After losing the challenge, Malolo tribe member gather around and discuss who to vote for. In this situation, we can’t say a name or initiate the vote cause it can backfire our journey on the island. Then, Gonzalez suggest to vote the weakest member so Malolo can stay strong for next challenge. Donathan who saw this confrontation, wasn’t giving up and try to vote against Gonzalez. So he came to Stephanie, Jenna, and Laurel so they can consider to save him from the vote. Stephanie consider Donathan as someone who can maintain for futures game, but Gonzalzs? she’s physical treat and also looked as strategic player who may be had her own agenda. At the tribal, Gonzalez had suspicious about the conversation of each other. So she start to whisper to Brendan and everybody’s ear except Donathan to make sure that everybody still on the same page. Unfortunately for Gonzalez, it only make her appearance as strategic player became more obvious and unanimously she’s voted out by 8 – 1 with she’s the only one who vote for Donathan.

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