Feeling Comfortable in Uncertainty Through IMPROV

In our daily life, we always feel that we’re in the loop of uncertainty. Wanting it or not? we have to face it, then it’ll create one decision and another. Personally, i’m trying so hard to make the option open that good in my favor. Maybe it sound selfish, but it’s human nature, isn’t it? and not all the time it worked well LOL.

Through IMPROV, I learned to control myself to be better prepared for uncertainty. A theater technique that requires collaboration between actors and improvisational skills that require their creativity while performing. This technique is completely unscripted, and usually its appearance comes spontaneously from audiences. Viewers can choose what relationship the actor has, where the scene is taken and what they will do there or maybe it just comes out from the bad day of the audience so they can make a fun story about it.

For the actors, they can also apply this technique in their work. This will help them to respond smoothly under any uncontrollable circumstances. Then we’ll feel comfortable enough to turn the uncertainty into a more productive work and create many new ideas. IMPROV can be an alternative entertainment for the audience after full day of activity. They can gain some insights from different perspectives of how the actors tell the story and also this performance can make them laugh out loud untill make them forget their bad lives for a moment haha.

I got interested in IMPROV while watching a movie called “do not think twice” on netflix. It tells how a member of the group called “Commune” doing their show that come from audience’s experience of  any specific hard day by always starting with ask, “Has anybody here had a particularly hard day?” to them. From there, I started looking for an improv community nearby to learn about it. We can learn many things from IMPROV, then we can be better prepared for the uncertainty of our lives.

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